A community of world class musicians working with youth to help shape the future of music, art and culture.

Our mission is to educate and empower youth with life skills and confidence through music.

MIGHT AND MUSIC is a nonprofit organization helping young musicians carve their path in the music industry.  Spearheaded by Juno award winning guitarist Grant Truesdell, out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Might and Music is the answer to a lack of music and arts programs in our communities and schools across Canada.


At the Might and Music Foundation, we believe that music has the power to transform the lives of young people.  We also believe that investing in our youth early in life sets the stage for a brighter future.  Help us give the gift of music to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity.


Our VISION is to have a world where kids are excited about their future who can see a clear path to achieving their dreams. We’re aiming to be the leading organization that provides mentorship and resources to the next generation of artists.  To help them develop a career and a life that they can be proud of.



Grant Truesdell

Founder & Executive Director
Music Mentor - Vancouver, BC

Grant is a Juno award winning guitarist with over 20 years of experience in the music industry – booking tours, managing a label, mentoring, touring the world.



His band Unleash the Archers have been described as “show stealers” and “wildly entertaining” by fans and peers alike. With a passion that can be seen in live performances, music
videos and writing style.



Grant is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization.  To oversee our programs and new developments.  To be the conduit between our Board of Directors, our staff and our community.

Kris Schulz

Music Mentor - Vancouver, BC

Kris Schulz is an internationally recognized guitarist and music educator with over 34 years of professional experience.


In 2018, Kris founded Empower Through Music with the purpose of gifting music education and instruments to younger musicians who would otherwise not have access. In 2019 Kris opened Horizon School Of Music which has gone on to reach over 2000 students.


Kris is honored to be a musical mentor on behalf of Might and Music and views this organization as an integral vehicle to inspire younger musicians.

Ash Pearson

Music Mentor - Vancouver, BC

Ash Pearson has been playing drums for 25 years.  He has played hundreds of live concerts and toured professionally for 15 years.


Currently drumming in the bands RevocationZimmers Hole and Ritual Dictates and previously 3 Inches of Blood.


“The chance to pass on information to younger players and inspire them to follow their passion and grow.  I’ve made many mistakes along the way and think it’s an essential part of the process.  Having a good approach to learning and networking is important.  The approach to what you do, results in what you get.”.


Andrew Kingsley

Music Mentor - Victoria, BC

Andrew is a multi-instrumentalist, musician, singer and songwriter based out of Victoria, BC.  


He currently plays guitar in the Juno award winning metal band Unleash the Archers and his solo project Sleeper Ship.


With a keen ear for melody, production and song structure.  Andrew is one of the most versatile songwriters in all of Canada.

Tim Brown

Music Mentor - Edmonton, AB

Tim Brown is a Juno award winning musician and guitarist in for the metal band Striker.


He has been in the music industry for 20 years, including taking courses such as Canada’s Music Incubator in addition to his Arts degree from the University of Alberta.


In his spare time, he works as a city planning consultant.  He’s stoked to help kids “Shred!”

Robert Voltaire

Music Mentor - Calgary, AB

Robert Antonius Voltaire (AKA Rav or Ravioli) is a self-taught Canadian singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer that brings vision to every project he’s a part of.


He has released over six albums, three ep’s, seven music videos, and has toured all over North America.  Rav currently sings in the metal band Ravenous EH.


“I was in a similar program as a teenager and it shaped my desire to pursue music as a career”.

Colton Crawford

Music Mentor - Regina, SK

Colton Crawford is the banjo player for high energy four-piece string band The Dead South who have won 2 Juno awards to date.


Hailing from Canada, The Dead South bring a sound, speeds like a train past that intentionally explores the grittier, rowdier spaces of the bluegrass world.  


“Music helped me a lot when I was younger and it has always been a big part of my life. I have tons of experience touring, writing, recording, marketing and would love to help people with all of these things.”  

Stu Block

Music Mentor - Regina, SK

Stuart Block is a Canadian singer best known for his 5 octave range and as the former lead vocalist for progressive death metal band Into Eternity and American heavy metal band Iced Earth. 


Before joining Into Eternity in 2005, Stu began his musical career singing for various bands in Vancouver. Stu joined Iced Earth in 2011 and recorded three albums during his ten-year tenure with the band. 


In 2022 Stu recorded Metal 2 with Annihilators Jeff Waters and is continues as a multi genre freelance Session Vocalist and releasing music as a SOLO artist.

Nick Miller

Music Mentor - Ottawa, ON

Nick is an academically trained multi-instrumentalist who started playing guitar at a young age, soon taking lessons in theory, piano and starting his own bands.


After touring as a session musician and playing for many projects over the years, he found his current projects Unleash the Archers and First Fragment


“I like to teach and I feel mentorship is a strong part of learning to be a successful musician.  I wish I had a mentor when I was younger so I’d like to provide an experience that I wish I had.”

Daniel Dekay

Music Mentor - Toronto, ON

Daniel Dekay is on a conquest of the musical world with his guitar wizardry and his infectious music personality that has earned him a Juno nomination with heavy metallers Diemonds and main shred duties for speed metal legends Exciter


Take away his axe and he still can’t be stopped, his YouTube work with BangerTV as a beloved host and skilled interviewer garners views in the millions and has quickly become one of the most popular metal personalities on Twitch.


“The prospect of helping young musicians through a program that I wish existed when I was in my formative musical development years”.


Catherine “Catie” Koenig

President, Board Member

Catie holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in entrepreneur management. She is currently the Senior Accountant for a Humane Society with over 15 years of experience with nonprofits.


Previously she has worked for the Healthcare Foundation for Orange County where she was the foundation coordinator for 7 years taking on tasks around management, compliance, proposals, relationships with the community, budgets, board and committee meetings, strategic planning and much more.

Corey Hall

Vice President, Board Member

Corey is a cyber security and technology executive, working with startup companies to help build out their platform and security infrastructure for over 15 years.


He started working in the non-profit space more than 6 years ago with Classy.org, assisting more than 2,000 non-profits such as The Salvation Army, Team Rubicon, and ADL to help achieve their mission and brings a strong passion to the space.


Corey currently works as a technology leader for another software startup; focusing on proactive, holistic support for working families.

Mujeeb “Jeeb” Basha

Secretary, Board Member

Mujeeb is a registered professional civil engineer who has managed massive construction projects including roads, bridges, tunnels and airports during his public service career.


Mujeeb is also a trained personal finance consultant helping people grow, save & protect (GPS) their hard-earned money through financial literacy and disciplined savings strategies.


He is equally known as a stalwart supporter of independent artists and a supporter of live music, in particular.

Abelardo "Mayo" Mayoral-Fierros

Treasurer, Board Member

Mayo is a business oriented Industrial Engineer and Master of Management in Operations Research with strong analytic, business, and interpersonal skills.

He has over 20 years of professional experience in various industries including utilities, construction, shipping, and IT, although he has been focused in health care since 2006. Since 2009, he has been involved with entertainment in Vancouver, British Columbia by owning and running the Invisible Orange as a concert promoter.

His objective is to develop a career with a large and positive impact in his community. It’s more than a career. It’s a way he wants to live his life.

Sam Landa

Board Member

Sam Landa is a Montreal-based marketing pro and the drummer of Detroit band ‘Conquer Divide’ (Mascot Records; over 30M streams and counting). Currently the Content Marketing Manager at Drumeo, Sam is passionate about passing the torch to the next generation of musicians and helping them find their footing.


She’s a judge of the Hit Like A Girl international drumming contest, has toured around the world with various bands, and is an endorsed artist with Sabian, Mapex, Evans, and Los Cabos.


A former corporate PR manager who left her 9-5 to run her own writing agency, Sam has helped multiple award-winning companies with their content marketing, branding, social
media, public relations and more.

Wallace Murray

Board Member

Wallace is a registered Therapeutic counselor and counseling hypnotherapist, and hypnotherapy teacher.


His broader primary focus outside his one-to-one, group or individual training is Mental Health counseling and business best practices.


Wallace will be helping with overall planning and vision, relationship building and management sound boarding.  “It is helping youth build resilience for life”.

Ty Christian

Board Member

Ty is a music industry jack-of-all-trades who has been touring the world with his band ‘Lords of the Trident’ for 15 years.


Ty holds three degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is the executive director of the Madison Area Music Association; a charity that’s raised over a quarter of a million dollars for school music education.


During the day, he works as the IT lead for the Center for Healthy Minds; the world’s leading scientific research institute on mindfulness and meditation.

Tyson Cale Boyd

Board Member

Tyson is the founder of the widely successful concert producing company ConcertWorks, and the owner for Edmonton’s legendary venue the Starlite Room.


He’s also worked closely with both nonprofit organizations such as the Sarah McLachlan School of Music and Ihuman as well as direct experience working with Alberta Music office and with their board of directors.


“The opportunity to contribute to a new generation of artists, and work with like minded individuals with real hands on skills and experience that can actually make a difference in a number of lives”.

Kurt Dahl


Kurt has practiced Entertainment Law throughout Canada since 2010, providing comprehensive legal advice to a wide array of music, film, television and technology clients since 2010.


He became a Partner at Murphy & Company in 2016 and was acknowledged by Canadian Lawyer in 2019 for his contributions to Entertainment Law in Canada. Kurt also plays drums for the band One Bad Son, which has scored five top 10 singles and a #1 song and has released nine albums with various artists.


They have worked closely with industry players like 604 records, the Feldman Agency, Frontside Group, Strut Entertainment, and Hive Management.



We are Looking for Music Mentors

Our Music Mentors are individuals who have already developed a career in the music industry, and would like the opportunity to pass on their knowledge and help inspire the next generation of musicians. 


We’re looking for people who have experience recording, touring, teaching, songwriting and marketing themselves online.


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Looking to Volunteer?

We are looking for Graphic Designers, Video Editors, Early Music Educators, and much more!


If you are passionate about the music industry and have the skills and time to contribute to the next generation of musicians, we can use your help!


Come join us in being part of something that can have a positive impact in someone else’s life.


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