A community of world class musicians working with youth to help shape the future of music, art and culture.


AMPLIFY is our 8-week music program designed for young musicians with dreams of taking their talent to the big stage.  Taught by world class musicians, with expert advice from industry professionals, ending with a live concert for family and friends.  By the end of the program, students will have an arsenal of tools to help them navigate their life and a career in the music business.  



How much does Amplify cost?
Amplify is completely free to the student.  We have a suggested donation of $150 which is what it costs us to provide this program.  But is not mandatory.

What will my child learn in Amplify?
Amplify is designed to help young musicians who already have a bit of experience on their instrument Amplify their talents.  Our program will teach you how to rehearse as a band and play songs together.  You will learn industry tips and tricks from seasoned professionals.  It all depends on the skill level of the students.  Some students might need help learning some cover songs, or you might have a band that needs help writing original material.  Our instructors are flexible and experienced enough to adapt to the learning progress of your child.

Is it open to all ages and genres?
All genres yes.  All ages no.  Our organization is dedicated to educating and empowering youth.  Our Amplify program is open to students aged 11-18.  Exceptions can be made if you’re a full band with one member who is 19.  Contact us to talk about options.

Can beginner students sign up for Amplify?
It is suggested to have a minimum of 1 year experience on your chosen instrument.  You should be able to play through a cover song from start to finish.  If you’re close to being able to play though a full song then you should be good to go with our training and help.

How long is the program?  How often are rehearsals?
Amplify is an 8 week program with a 1 hour rehearsal every week.

Where does my child meet up for rehearsals? 
We have professional hourly rehearsal spaces throughout the greater Vancouver region that we use. 

What equipment does my child need for rehearsals?
Most rehearsal spaces are furnished with drum sets, guitar cabinets, bass cabinets, and a pa.  Your child will need to provide their own guitar, bass, and drum breakables (cymbals, kick pedals, snare).  Might and Music is able to provide certain equipment as needed for your student to perform.

Is there a performance at the end of the program?
Yes, at the end of the 8 week program we produce a live concert on a weekend for family and friends.  This is a great time for your student and their band to showcase what they’ve been working on.  The performance will be filmed and an edited version will be available to purchase.

What further resources are available after the program is complete?
Your student will have access to our mentorship corner on discord for the rest of their life and can reach out to our community of mentors at any point in their musical career.  From time to time we may select a ‘Amplify Showcase’ band which will continue to perform in their community at schools and public events and will be the local role models for other young musicians wanting to do something similar.